Mahavir Foundation Jain Sangh, London

  • Event Date : 01 June 2020
  • Organised by : Mahavir Foundation Jain Sangh, London
  • Sanstha : Mahavir Foundation Jain Sangh, London
  • Location : London
  • 201

Mahavir Foundation Jain Sangh, London, UK has been organising and hosting a lot of events and religious activities recently. Ever since the lockdown began in UK, till date, there is daily Swadhyay in the evening, weekly Samuhik Tap like Ekashnu, Unodri tap, etc apart from Sankadi Aayembil (chain of Aayembils) daily. They had also arranged for pujans and aaradhna, bhakti on Zoom and youtube. 

For spiritual development, fun and enjoyment, there is Dharmik Jain housie played every week  and money collected from it and other donations which amounted in lakhs of Rupees, given by Jain families in UK are used to donate in India for various purposes including Sadhu-Sadhvijis' Vayavach, Old age home, Kabutarkhana, Jeevdaya, etc. 

To encourage Jain talent, a talent show is organised every Saturday and is still continuing. The show encourages talents like Jain classical singer, young upcoming kids who are poets, singers, musicians, artists, etc. and Jain ways of cooking. 

Anyone and everyone can check the website for more details.

Submitted by : Jalpa Shah


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