What after 21 days of lockdown?

Started By: Madhukar Shah Date: 01 Apr 2020

All of us have been flooded with ideas and instructions about what to do during 21 days lockdown.


But it's not only the 21 days lockdown that matters, it's what we should or should not do on Day 22. 


Please share your views here for the benefit of our community. 



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  • Prakash Vora 04/04/2020 5:12am (18 months ago)

    આ દિવસોમાં આપણે જરૂર વિવિધ પ્રકારની પ્રવૃતિઓ કરી હશે.

    તે ઉપરાંત આપણા આ જીવનમાં શું કર્યું, શું ન કર્યું, શું કરવું છે તે વિચારવા માટે પણ થોડોક સમય ફાળવવો જોઈએ.

    પછી ભલે તે વ્યાપારી પ્રગતિ હોય કે કારકિર્દી, સામાજિક પ્રવૃત્તિ હોય કે ધાર્મિક.

    અંતરમંથન માટે મળેલ આ સમયનો સદુપયોગ કરવો જોઈએ.

  • Jagdish R Shah 03/04/2020 6:19pm (18 months ago)

    It is a golden opportunity to re-energise, rekindle and revive oneself for more meaningful life ahead.

  • Malay Vora 01/04/2020 7:18am (18 months ago)

    I feel the hygiene which we are following right now to save ourself from COVID-19 should become a part of our behaviour and we must continue to follow it.

  • KISHORE MEHTA 01/04/2020 7:08am (18 months ago)

    Thanks Madhukarbhai for great initiative.
    I feel after 21 days we have to face a different mind change in business as well as investment. People may like to be more safe, more conservative, reduce their risk and less innovative. it may take 2 years to come back to normal life.

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