Let's join our hands to fight Coronavirus

Started By: Madhukar Shah Date: 27 Mar 2020

Hi Friends! 


It's our first step to bring our community members closer in these difficult times, by starting this discussion board.


We will keep on improving this board to be more and more interactive, and welcome your suggestions, views and feedback. 


Any tech help from our community's skilled youngsters to improve this feature will be highly appreciated.


Any one wanting to start a discussion on any particular topic related to current pandemic and ideas to fight it, can mention in the comments below and we will add the topic to the Discussion Board. 


Thanks and regards,


Madhukar Shah


Stay Safe!




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  • Lata 05/04/2020 9:06am (18 months ago)

    Thank you Madhubhai,
    હંમેશા શુભ અને અશુભ તત્વ સાથે જ હોય છે, આપણે શુ જોઈએ છે એના પર આધાર છે, આ સમય માં સૌ ને સ્વ સાથે રહેવાનો સમય મળ્યો છે, તેમજ ઘર કરવામાં જિંદગી નીકળી જાય છે, એજ જિંદગી સાથે થોડી ગુફ્તગુ કરવાનો સમય તેમજ પોતાની અનદેખી આવડત ને વાફેક કરવાનો સમય છે, આ અમૂલ્ય સમય ન વેડફતા, આત્મીય આનંદ આપી શકીએ એજ પ્રભુ તથા સર્વે ને પ્રાર્થના

  • Prakash Vora 03/04/2020 9:35am (18 months ago)

    Thanks for giving us an opportunity to share our ideas with our community.

    I think, after doing various tasks including self health care, prayers, household chores, etc. we should spend some time to call old people on our contact list on their phone or mobile. That will reassure them in this difficult time.

  • Dr K C Vora 29/03/2020 10:39am (18 months ago)

    The is the best time to get close to family first and nature first.
    One can do excercise by walking @ home, cook special food with help of spouse, help to clean home, eat less, play games with family, see stock of old photos & CDs, complete documentation and drink lots of water & lemon juice.

  • Apurva N. Mehta 29/03/2020 5:40am (18 months ago)

    Greetings to Dear Madhukarbhai & Team Kutchh Gurjaro.
    Let's use this as Golden Opportunity of Fund of Time with us in Any / All of following activities possible Purely & Strictly with Stay @ Home & Respecting Social Distancing:-
    1. Light Physical Excercise.
    2. Improved Food habits with Higher degree of Purity available ONLY & ONLY in Home coocked Food, where Nutrition is taken Care of along with Taste.
    3. If possible, Can Do તપશ્ચર્યા like આયંબિલ, એકટાણુ, & So on.
    4. Can Strictly follow Jain Food if not already Following.
    All above 4 are contributing MOST to Improve our Immunity System, Vital to keep us Safe in the Era of Corona Pendamic.
    Find Positive Side from Each & Every info we get Through Sources of Info, making your own mind setup Full of Positivity.
    Remain Sufficiently Alert & Vigilant in Self Following Directions given by Authorities, & Restricting others Who are breaking Such Directions resulting in Safety Compromise for Society as a whole & Our Nation.

  • Madhukar Shah 27/03/2020 4:21pm (18 months ago)

    Thanks Rajendra and Premal for your suggestions.

    I am sure more members of our community will start communicating more.

  • Premal Shah 27/03/2020 10:42am (18 months ago)

    First of all stay home is the only remedy. Even though if
    It is required to go out take care of your self
    I would like to suggest use sanitise ball pen for the contact of lift button, door bell , building’s security button etc.
    We can make it esily by removing refill from the ball point pen and fill with sanitizer from back. . Insert small sponge in The cap to avoide leaking. Sanitiser pen is ready to use

  • RAJENDRA SHAH 27/03/2020 10:17am (18 months ago)

    Good initiative. I think we need to explore and satisfy ourselves about the Alternative Medication to fight the COVID 19, say for eg Gaumutra.

  • Madhukar Shah 27/03/2020 8:39am (18 months ago)

    Very good initiative . Thanks

  • sam 27/03/2020 8:37am (18 months ago)

    this is test comment

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