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What is Sanskar ?

Our good habits, morals and ethics which we have learnt from our childhood and continue to follow as we keep growing eventually becomes our Sanskar.

The lifestyle which we live with today has completely changed from what it was about 50 years back. Everyone is busy in living their own life. Children are moving out in search of job opportunities leaving the joint family which is giving rise to more nuclear families. This is mainly because our moral of living has been changed from being more family oriented and spiritual to materialistic living. We have started living a competitive life rather than a conjunctive life.

In earlier days only the men of a household would go out for work, while the women would take care of the house and also have more responsibility in parting good morals to the children in the house. Today to meet the ever growing materialistic needs and high cost of living even the women of a household go out for work. This leaves the children at home mostly being under the supervision of care takers or they are sent to day care schools and most parents are not even aware of what their kids are learning at these schools.

Being busy parents there are still things we can do to make sure our children learn good morals, ethics, discipline  and compassion. We can frequently take them to their grandparents and spend quality time together with them. We should visit our kids at their schools frequently. This way we can see how their behavior towards his elders at school and towards his friends is. We must find out who their friends are and see if those friends are good enough to be spending time with. Right from their childhood we must try to sow seeds of ethics, discipline and compassion so that he will grow up to become a very strongly rooted tree.

Apart from regular Sanskar, it's always good to give some spiritual learning to the children. This can be achieved by teaching them the importance of one's religion. we must be the example for them and show them how our religious cultures and customs are done and to be followed. The children will first learn everything whether good or bad from their parents and elders only.

Only if we as parents/elders put our 100% efforts in teaching our children, can we expect some goodness in them as our return gift.



(Third prize winner of essay writing competition conducted by Sri Kutchi Gurjar Jain Samaj, Chennai) 


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