Parenting - A Joint Effort

Parenting - A Joint Effort - Swati Sauarabh Vasa, Thane (Mandvi)

Husband : I make kid laugh harder then u
Wife : Is it? But he always looks for me when he wants to play something.. I plan better games for him
Husband : please...
Both get back to their respective work...

I so wish that somebody can tell them Parenting is not about who is a better parent or who makes child more smile or who plays with him more.. Parenting is never one person's job... It's always been a joint effort..

Parenting is more about being available for your child whenever they need u, even though it's silly.. It's more about how much your enjoy their company.. It's not only about teaching the child but also we learning lot many things from them.. A simple example is that how easily they can smile even for the simplest of the thing and how much uncontrollable their laughter is over any silly thing.

Parenting is also about we growing as a better human being.

Both the parents are equally important for the child. Both parents bring different qualities in the table for an optimal growth of a child.. Only thing that is most important is that both parents need to respect and love each other irrespective of their differences in their viewpoints.


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