OVERRUN - Devin Rajendra Zaveri, Mumbai (Bhuj)

You have to run, you have to burn

You got to be the best, got to shine the brightest

If you want to pass the test

Only, there ain't no time limit, ain't no shortcuts to this


In the end, it's only you….

The result doesn't matter, they say….

Your life ain't colourful but your dreams must be, they say….

But will jolt your dreams and wake you up anyway !!!


Nobody waits for anyone - Time, Life, People, Beauty…

All fade into an oblivion !!!

Don't beat yourself up, don't cry they say….

But how to wipe the tears and stand up stronger,

says no one


You will get over her, find some-one better, deserving….

But my heart can't beat in rhythm while it's craving....

The rule of life is, you must not stop

Even if the weight is pulling you down

Or your faith pulling you apart

You cannot take a halt to enjoy the surrounding art


God works in mysterious ways,

 I've seen it, felt it and I'm starting to believe it….

There can't be bad days forever, stop pitying yourself

Those thoughts which eat you up at night,

Is it really necessary to need someone by your side?


Sometimes you know it's gonna get better,

but it's taking forever….

You needed a break, you got it….

But did it heal you….or made you more vulnerable ?

You need a vacation from your thoughts

That's never gonna happen….

They say, you got to learn to numb it anyway !!!


Why care what they say

In chess,

King can survive without the Queen but not vice versa….

The king is the goals you are so adamant to achieve

And you're the Queen on this chessboard called LIFE

You can go anywhere, claim rampage on the board....

but there's always one thing you will keep coming back for

Don't let the Queen in you die while the King is alive !!!


(Age: 19 years)


T : + 91 9322 880 555
E : kutchgurjari@gmail.com

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