Lessons from Plants

Lessons from Plants - Jalpa Shah, London (Mandvi)

Out in the Garden,
The robust Evergreens standing tall,
The tall Maples swaying swift,
The swift Acers foliaging bright,
The bright Azaleas shining brilliant,
the brilliant Labrunums raining gold,
The golden Sunflowers smiling elegant
The elegant Burgundy hearts staying pretty,
The pretty Roses spreading love.
The lovely Jasmines scattering fragrance,
The fragrant Rosemary carrying its scent
Inside in my Heavenly Abode,
The gorgeous Flamingos blushing pink,
The pink Geraniums scenting sweet.
The sweet looking Amaryllis blooming wide,
The wide Anthuriums thriving still,
The still Bromeliads spiking colours.....
.....Teach us the beautiful way to live our life,
"Wherever life plants you, Bloom with Grace and Pride"


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