Her Silent Dream
Anjali Bhansari February 2019 Winner

Her Silent Dream - Anjali Bhansari, Anjar

Dream- The word itself says it all..

Everyone has a Dream. For some, Dreams are the reason why they wake up every morning while for some, their Dream doesn't let them sleep..

I too have a Dream. A Dream that most of the girls pursue deep down their heart for the entire lifetime. A dream they dream to fulfill everyday.. No, no its not about her Wedding.. 

It's a Dream you can't ever think of. A dream she never shares with anyone. May it be because of the fear of society, or the fear of acceptance or the fear of being laughed at or any other such reasons. But its the Dream that matters to her the most.

And that Dream is about Taking Care of her Parents for the entire Lifetime. A Dream to be their wheelchair pusher in their toughest times. A Dream to witness all their Pain and Happiness. A Dream to spend all her earnings to fulfill their wishes. A Dream to be his Pension during his retirement and her chef to cook the delicious foods for her. A Dream to be with them when they feel alone and shattered. A Dream not to leave her parents alone in that house that has all her memories. A Dream to live Happily Ever After with her husband and his family but with her Parents Included. A Dream of having a Perfect family but with her Parents too being a part of it.

A Dream to give them a Simple but Happy life which they deserve. A life which Every Son's Parents live. A life where they can rely on that Daughter on whom they have spent their entire life, health and wealth in raising her and giving her the best upbringing.

This is the Dream every Daughter who has never been treated differently because she is a Girl by her parents sees, Then why are her Parents suffering from this Differentiation. Its not about Just Dreaming, Its about making the Dream come true and if this Dream comes true for any of the Daughter she would be the Happiest Daughter to die with no regrets left in her heart. 

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