Happy 2019!!

Happy 2019!! - Zubin Dinesh Sanghvi, Mumbai (Mandvi)

So here it is, another fulfilled, roller-coaster year comes to a close. Time to bid Goodbye to 2018. The year has been full of fun, frolic, amusement, disasters, hope, thoughts, new beginnings, tearful endings and a bagful of mixed emotions……

As this year comes to an end, let’s bid 2018 an Adieu with a Flashback –

PNB Scam
2018 started with a 2 Billion Scam in PNB Bank’s Brady House Branch. LOUs given to Nirav Modi created a furore in the country, whilst the culprit, AS USUAL, was and still is offshore!!

North Korea
The Hermit Kingdom and its Premiere had everyone guessing for almost one half of 2018. Whether he will, Whether he will Not press the Button which will activate his favourite Toy – The Nuclear Bomb of North Korea had most of the World Sweating and Donald Trump, well, Swearing!!

CSK Returns
CSK returned from the 2 year Ban to play the IPL. MS and his men came, saw, played and conquered their 3rd IPL Title in the way only they can. #Whistle Podu !!

End of an Era – Atal Bihari Vajpayee
The Former Prime Minister and one of the Most beloved Leaders of India Departed in 2018. His Legacy, Prophecy and Stewardship continues to remain in our hearts. RIP Sir.

The Saga of Patel
2018 saw the rise and fall of 2 Patels; The RBI Governer – Urjit Patel and his stance against the Government on Financial Matters such as Liquidity and PCA had to resign midway from his position. 

Wherein, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel rose to the highest prominence and stature (literally) in the form of Statue of Unity. The Longest statue in the world now belongs to India. The man largely responsible for welding the princely states into united India, now stands high on the banks of Narmada. 

Meanwhile, there wasn’t any difference between 2017 and 2018 for the Indian Cricket Team Captain. He Made Centuries at will this year as well, albeit with a less amount of expletives and more of the flying kisses!!

3 States in the Hindi Heartland; Madhya pradesh, Rajasthan and Chattisgarh were swept away by Congress in the State Elections. BJP Panicked, Congress Enthused, Media Shocked and At last; Pappu Pass Ho Gaya!!!!

MeToo Movement came to India and How!!!! Whilst lot of Skeletons were revealed, Tanushree Dutta made sure that the Krantiveer Welcomed Khamoshi sans any Rajneeti to turn into Ghulam – e – Mustafa!! #Sanskaari too!!!

The Khans
2018 was a Dud for the Khans as they yet again tried to outdo their own age as well as their Fans’ Intelligence;
Race 3 Could not Race away to any Success
Thugs of Hindostan Thugged the Distibutors
Zero, Well the name says it all!!!

Web Series
While the Stars could not entertain the Moviegoers, Ganesh Gaitonde (Sacred Games) and Kaleen Bhaiya(Mirzapur) revolutionised the content that has been blindly served to the Bollywood Crazy Population. Amazon, Netflix, Hotsar and others are here to stay and How!!!!

Trump Tweets
The Year started with Trump Tweeting about Korea to CNN to Russia to China to Democrats to Republics to What Not !!! Walt Disney surely knows which Donald was Smarter!!!

And so on and so forth. 2018 was yet another year full of Excitement, Fun, Fulfillment and Achievements coupled with EMIs, Stress, Rejections and Fatigue.

On a Personal front….The year was full of Shocks, if not Surprises, of Disappointments and Rejuvenation, of Heart Break and Rebounding, of Lost Friendships and New found Buddies, of Insomnia and Sleepless Nights, of Beautiful Drives and Wonderful Camaraderie, of Soul Searching and Overcoming Fears, of Facebook Updates and Thoughtful Blogs, of Tears on the cheeks and Twinkle in the eyes, of eventful past and endearing Future!!!

While the Time will continue to elapse, let us welcome 2019 with all the Hope and Optimism that 2019 will itself come with a resolution – Resolution of being Nice to all of Us!!!

Happy New Year!!!


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