Back To The Roots

Back To The Roots - Swara Ashish Shah, Mumbai (Mandvi)

Deriving from the Latin word ‘colere,’ culture means to nourish or to value the various seamless practices of art, intellect, morals, customs and beliefs that distinguish individuals in a society. It is the foremost thing that determines our eccentricity and distinctiveness; furthermore playing a deeply important role in shaping our personality. It is bewitching how traditions and values differ within countries and states and even cities. From languages and accents, right down to their greetings, occupations, education, religious customs, clothes and music.

India, being one of the most ethnically diverse nations in the world; greets one with a myriad of possibilities. Needless to say, the rising domination of globalisation and the strive to become ‘modern’ has been responsible for the destruction of what makes us unique and sets us apart. We somehow seem to run away from anything orthodox or conservative, quickly succumbing to the rising foreign trends and fashions. Rightfully so, due to the increasing modernisation, social and gender equality are being stressed upon. Abandoning the archaic patriarch society, women are finally being given their rightful place and feminism is spreading like wildfire. Every human, irrespective of their status or position in the society, is slowly being treated equally rather than being oppressed and demolished like they were before.

Technology and newfound discoveries have made life tremendously easier and effortless. All this and so much more is what the modern world has generously gifted humans with. However, how is it that we so easily forget what we began with? Where we belong. What made us the person that we are today. Sure, there is boundless technological and practical progress, but what about the progress of the mind? Why do we lack so much in learning and accepting our wondrous traditions and practises that our ancestors have passed upon us?

It’s time to take a step back and contemplate how far we’ve come. To get back to our roots and relish everything that we are a part of. Because in this constantly evolving and changing world, the key is to hold on to what makes us unique.


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