Alas.. You are a Woman!!!

Alas.. You are a Woman!!! - Zubin Dinesh Sanghvi, Mumbai (Mandvi)

Hey Guys!!! And for the are a Woman!!

You are a mother,
The reason I exist,
9 months within you and later on because of you,
It is said that God Cannot be everywhere and hence created Mother,
Thank you Maa for being There...
Alas you are a Woman.

You are a Sister,
The one who fought with me the most,
The one whom I secretly admired the most,
Looking upto you with pride always bought a smile, are the reason why I have thrived...
Alas are a Woman.

You are a Wife,
The Biggest Support that one can have,
The understanding to the Adjustments .. you have never complained,
Taking you for granted to raising the expectation bar,
You have always being there and I thought I was at Par, are a woman.

You are a daughter,
The brightest moment of my Life,
The heart and the warmth that you possess is unparalleled and unimaginable,
You care like a mother, You teach like my grandma and adore me more than your mother,
And you are just 4.5,
Alas...they treat you as a woman.

You are a Girl with Aspirations,
You study hard and the goals are defined,
You are an aspirations for the rest of your known ones coz you KNOW where you are headed too,
You are a strong headed woman and there ain't a doubt,
You indeed are worthy of a salute and a shout out, are a woman.

You are a Teacher,
Taught me the ABC..of my life,
My 1st question to my 1st smile..the bond that was supposed to go a long mile,
The values , principles and all those teachings were ought to make me a good citizen,
Sorry Teacher...I think you were wrong..Coz....U are a Woman.

You are a Selfmade Individual,
A great career and an independent soul,
The world respects you and the family adores,
You love to shoulder the responsibilities as well as leave your mark,
You slog it out not coz u want to but you are capable off, are a Woman.

You are a Vet,
Love for the animals is the reason you became a vet
Treating them with utmost love and care,
The animals who couldn't speak love you and you could hear,
I am sorry Maam with what happened to u..
Alas..Even u were a Woman!!

I have been a silent spectator to the atrocity that you have to go through,
I have been Mum when you have been harassed and judged too often,
I have been busy when u bathed In acid,
I have had no time to see u being burnt,
I was too busy in the gym when u were being raped,
I was there when you were also being judged..

Hope u respect me even after all these..coz
Alas....I am a Man!!!

Heartfelt Sorry to all the Women out there,
Dont know about the others, But I ......chal chod,
I am Sorry!!

And Yes...Alas...I am a Man!!


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