Accept Yourself

Accept Yourself - Nimisha Vora

“That simple mistake, following the crowd

Ignoring the heart that speaks so loud.”

You are not a copy pasted meme made to make someone laugh for a while. You are an original piece of art made to light up someone’s soul. So, just accept yourself, be yourself. Have the courage to sign your own signature. Stop copying others signature. You are supposed to live for yourself. Stop giving a damn to the rest of the world who can’t accept you as you are.

Let the world bash you. Let them call you crazy. Let them say you are not good enough. Let them say you are too much or too little. Let them call you stubborn and difficult. Let them say you will never make it. Let them think they are better than you. Let them think they are more important.

Let them tell you all they want to. Because, they are doing you a favour. They are the ones who only like you when you are quiet because they can’t handle your voice. They can’t handle you.

In the end, you will stop listening. Eventually, you will learn that if you can truly count on yourself, nothing else counts.

In a world trying to tell you to live a lie, live the truth.

Life gets easier when you accept yourself and know who you really are; with your flaws and your mistakes and with your imperfections. It gets easier when you stop trying to pretend to be someone else.

Because, at the end of the day, no one knows who you really are when all your masks fall off, no one sees what you see, no one feels what you feel. It’s just you seeing who you truly are. Who the raw and imperfect you are.

You have to be your person; you have to hold your own hand.

In the end, you have to accept who are you are.

You have to accept that your nose isn’t perfectly shaped. You don’t have to use your perfect selfie angles and the best filters to look good for others. Just look in the mirror and know what you look in real. You may have scars, pimples, bad skin and name anything imperfect you may have it.

But, you have a good heart. You are a wonderful person. So, your body isn’t beautiful but your soul is. And that’s, enough beauty for a lifetime.

Stop becoming what people want you to be. Accept your originality.

you can’t be a perfect person. You have your flaws, your bad habits, your scars, but they are all a part of you. What if you lose all that? What will remain of you? A clay that you moulded as per the world’s taste? Respect your flaws. Respect your originality.

Life is too short to waste on being perfect. Life is to be lived in all your flaws and mess. So, let the world stay, only if they can accept the original you. Else, give them a goodbye.

Because, you are just like the moon. So full of imperfections. But just like the moon, you shined in your times of darkness.

What are you then? From what I know,

You are not your age

Nor the sizes of the clothes you wear

You are not your weight

Or the colour of your hair

You are all the books you read

And all the words you speak.

You are your croaky morning voice

And all the smiles you try to hide

You are the sweetness in your laughter

And all the tears you have cried.

You are the songs you sing so loudly

When you know you’re all alone.

You are the things that you believe in

And all the people whom you love

You are made of so much beauty

But it seems that you forgot

When you decided that you were defined

By all the things you are not.


Accept yourself as who you are. And tell me, if you don’t feel happier.

Be the reason someone smiles :-)


(Nimisha Vora lives in Hyderabad and her native place is Anjar, Kutch)

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