Aa Ab Laut Chale

Aa Ab Laut Chale - Foram Harikant Shah, Virar (Mandvi)

The way Stock Market is degrading with each passing day, the way banks are being shut & rate of interest on Deposits decreasing, The way Disease is spreading in form of virus, it all takes me back to the memories shared by my parents where my grand parents were happy in small houses, simple living with less infrastructural developments & more natural & clean atmosphere, where there was no race in terms of Money making few rupees earned lead to happy lives & less health issues with no junk foods... we are not progressing & we are not on path of development, we are on path of demolition, we should stop & think over it,,

Aa ab laut chale...

Lets go back to our basics, Good Nutritious food, Planting trees, personal relation over Virtual Video calls & messages, healthy Habits, Money is medium to live not God let's not forget, Most importantly Lets be kind towards Earth & Nature what we give to it it will give us back For example- you throw garbage in sea, sea will get it back on it's shore by taking it back on it's waves, Jainism morals & principles told by Tirthankars are the best way to lead life healthy & eco friendly, try to stick to it as much as you can.

Jai Jinendra.


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