A Withered Rose

A Withered Rose - Aastha Vishal Lalan, Mumbai

She was like a rose
In the beginning,
beautiful and prickly,
Now she's a
Withered one,
Cold and shivering,
Yet she still loves everyone
Who walks into her life,
Even the ones who broke her heart
And still,
She beams at us,
Putting up a brave front
She conceals her puffy eyes,
Tired of crying in dark corners,
You think she's fine?
Look into her eyes....
She thinks she is dead now,
But little does she know
That there still exists the beauty,
You just need to warm her up,
Calm her shivering self
And she just needs the right amount of water,
And trust me,
She'll stand in all glory
Blazing as wild as fire
And then she'll love you
Like never before,
For an eternity
For an infinity...


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