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A Question - Kulin Nareshbhai Zaveri, Bhuj

It was a Sunday again. As a routine, the family was all set to check in for munching on different varieties from the red dotted menu. The dad asked his one and only nine years old son - "Which restaurant today, dude?" for which he got another question back- "Dad before we move out, Can I ask a question?" The dad was wondering and was curious to know the question. Then came out the question...

"Dad, are we DEMONS or ANIMALS???" The parents were shocked on hearing that and immediately bumped him with another question- "What makes you ask me such a weird thing?"

And then the little kid simply explained what he had heard in the science lecture, while the subject of global warming in his school previous day. "Daddy, my teacher said that one day many breeds of cattle, birds and few other animals will disappear from earth for ever because of the demonian hunger of non vegetarian humans. Then there will be a terrible situation on earth. The cattle keepers would lose their profession; they will even have to commit suicide. We will not be able to have original milk and the milk products. And there would be machine made milk and milk products which will lead to loss of good health and occurrence of many malignant diseases. People do eat fat of animals' body, and then some of them get high treatment to remove the over-fat from their own body. Even in future, the coming generation will get to see these lost animals in large pictures of museums. She mentioned all these points with many lengthy details, which were too outrageous even just to hear. According to me all such issues were proving us demons or animals. At last she even said that eating meat is the sign of either the Demons or the Animals."

He continued- "After hearing this in school, I just thought how cruel we have been to animals just for our boneless tongue's taste? What wrong have they done to us that we cut them into pieces for our dishes. If they would do the same with us, then would we be ready to be a gobbet for their hunger?" 

After hearing this, parents were speechless, and also were proud of their little son's grand understanding. Smaller "a question" reformed their lives. They took the oath with tearful eyes that they will never eat any non veg food.


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