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Kutch Gurjari is an initiative of Kutchhi Gurjar Jain Sanskrutik Sangam Trust which was set up with the objective to bring members of our Kutch Visa Shrimali Oswal Gurjar Jain (Kutchhi Gurjar Jain) community spread across the world, closer to each other.


We have been printing and publishing our monthly magazine Kutch Gurjari in Gujarati since 1984. With the advent of Internet, our online magazine KutchGurjari.org will help community news to reach members spread all over the world very fast.


KutchGurjari.org also gives an opportunity to all to present their creative skills to our community. The website is in English as well as Gujarati, so that young and old can contribute (www.kutchgurjari.com/send-articles) for our fellow brethren. 


‘કચ્છ ગુર્જરી’ ઈતિહાસ અને વર્તમાન

‘કચ્છ ગુર્જરી’ના સુજ્ઞ, સુરૂચિકર અને સાહિત્યપ્રેમી તથા સમાજપ્રેમી ભાઈઓને તે જાણવાનું ગમશે એ આશાથી અહીં આપ સહુના પ્રિય અને રોચક આ માસિકનો ઈતિહાસ રજૂ કર્યો છે.


T : + 91 9322 880 555
E : kutchgurjari@gmail.com

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